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Ward 40 - Scarborough-Agincourt

Councillor Norm Kelly

100 Queen Street West, Suite C43
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.4047 phone
416.696.4172 fax

Norm Kelly's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 1
Votes against the community position: 4

VoteToronto found Norm Kelly to have one of the worst voting records on council. Kelly’s record is stunningly bad. He was on the TTC board and yet voted against public transit, he was a loud supporter of the Island Airport expansion and the bridge, claiming the airport should have jets and up to 5 million passengers a year, he believes in privatizing water, waste and public housing. Add to this list Kelly’s love of junkets paid for by the public, and you have a councillor who borders on being dangerous. His membership of the conservative wing of council will bring discredit to that group. Kelly was recently a member of the 'Keep the Chief' campaign to renew the contract of Police Chief Julian Fantino.

Norm Kelly is on the Community Services Committee and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board.

Located in Agincourt, Ward 40 has a large Chinese community, which makes up about one-fifth of the ward's residents. 55.6% of residents live in apartments rather than houses, and 53% of residents own rather than rent their homes. The average household income in Ward 40 is $56,595, compared to a Toronto average of $69,125.