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Follow the Money: 2003 Election

How did VoteToronto compile this data?

VoteToronto's Follow the Money 2003 records compile donation records submitted by candidates and obtained from the City Clerk. At present, there is a photocopying fee charged per page to obtain the records from the City Clerk, and the city does not publish detailed election finance records. VoteToronto obtained the primary dataset in partnership with Professor Robert MacDermid, Associate Professor, Political Science, York University.

The campaign finance records obtained from the City Clerk were electronically scanned using text-recognition software. Campaign finance records compile donations of $100 and greater, which candidates are required to report under the Municipal Elections Act. Records are listed as reported by candidates, where the category of corporate, union or individual donations are self-selected by donors. Because the records are compiled from electronic scans of documents using text-recognition software, there may be some minor inaccuracies in the donor listings. However, every effort has been made to ensure that listings are accurate and complete, and corrections have been made to errors where found. If there are any problems found in the data records, please contact us at

Donor Records By Councillor

Link here for full donation records for each councillor. A PDF will open in a new window.

Ward 1 - Suzan Hall Ward 16 - Karen Stintz Ward 31 - Janet Davis
Ward 2 - Rob Ford Ward 17 - Cesar Palacio Ward 32 - Sandra Bussin
Ward 3 - Doug Holyday Ward 18 - Adam Giambrone Ward 33 - Shelley Carroll
Ward 4 - Gloria Lindsay Luby Ward 19 - Joe Pantalone Ward 34 - Denzil Minnan-Wong
Ward 5 - Peter Milczyn Ward 20 - Olivia Chow Ward 35 - Gerry Altobello
Ward 6 - Mark Grimes Ward 21 - Joe Mihevc Ward 36 - Brian Ashton
Ward 7 - Giorgio Mammoliti Ward 22 - Michael Walker Ward 37 - Michael Thompson
Ward 8 - Peter Li Preti Ward 23 - John Filion Ward 38 - Glenn de Baeremaeker
Ward 9 - Maria Augimeri Ward 24 - David Shiner Ward 39 - Mike Del Grande
Ward 10 - Mike Feldman Ward 25 - Cliff Jenkins Ward 40 - Norm Kelly
Ward 11 - Frances Nunziata Ward 26 - Jane Pitfield Ward 41 - Bas Balkissoon
Ward 12 - Frank Di Giorgio Ward 27 - Kyle Rae Ward 42 - Raymond Cho
Ward 13 - Bill Saundercook Ward 28 - Pam McConnell Ward 43 - David Soknacki
Ward 14 - Sylvia Watson Ward 29 - Case Ootes Ward 44 - Gay Cowbourne
Ward 15 - Howard Moscoe Ward 30 - Paula Fletcher

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