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City Council approves Election Finance Reforms

On September 30, after a day and a half of debate, City Council voted 35-8 to approve the proposals on election finance reform. The approved motions prohibit campaign contributions from businesses and unions, prevent councillors from carrying 'war chests' to future campaigns, and limit total fundraising expenses in election campaigns. For more information, see VoteToronto's page on election finance reform. VoteToronto will post the voting records on this issue shortly.

City Council votes to delay deciding on Election Finance Reforms

On July 21, after 3 hours of debate, City Council voted 19-17 to refer the Election Finance Reform motions to the Policy and Finance Committee, rather than dealing quickly and efficiently on the issue. The reforms will be discussed at Policy & Finance Committee meeting on September 15, and will be debated again at the September 28 session of City Council.

For the voting records and commentary on the deferral vote, see Election Finance Reform Deferral Vote.
For more information on the proposed Election Finance Reforms, link here.

Election finance reforms to be voted on at City Council at July council session

VoteToronto has been participating in public consultations by the Toronto Election Finance Review Task Force. The Task Force's recommendations passed at the Administration Committee on June 28, 2004, and will be voted on by City Council on Tuesday July 20, 2004. The reforms propose to significantly reform the way that elections are run in the City of Toronto, by reducing the power that lobbyists, developers and other companies have over councillors, and helping to level the playing field between incumbents and new candidates in elections.

Please e-mail your city councillor and let them know you support the election finance reforms. If you don't know who your councillor is, you can search your address on the City of Toronto website.

For more information about the Election Finance Task Force's work, see VoteToronto's Election Finance Reform page.

VoteToronto June 2004 Update

For the June 28 federal election, VoteToronto examined party positions and candidate positions on key federal issues that affect Torontonians, as well as campaign financing and the parliamentary participation records of Toronto MPs.

VoteToronto held a press conference on Tuesday, June 8 at 10:30am in the City Hall Members' Lounge, to launch our federal election coverage.

Read our press release here. (PDF opens in a new window.)

Read VoteToronto's federal election coverage here.