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Ward 37 - Scarborough Centre

Councillor Michael Thompson

100 Queen Street West, Suite B24
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.397.9274 phone
416.397.9280 fax

Michael Thompson's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 3
Votes against the community position: 2

Michael Thompson is a new councillor in Scarborough Centre, replacing former councillor Lorenzo Berardinetti, who was elected as a Liberal MPP in the provincial election. Thompson, who was Berardinetti's executive assistant for four years, was not endorsed by any of the citywide groups but he made a decisive win, with almost 50% of the vote. During the election campaign he declined to participate in the VoteToronto questionnaire, choosing instead to focus primarily on ward issues. One of Thompson's primary issues is reducing the crime and drug use in Scarborough. This is a ward with a high crime rate along the Eglinton strip. Thompson has taken quick action and released an 'action plan' on crime, gangs and drugs in January 2004.

Michael Thompson was appointed to the Toronto Board of Health and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.

Located in the heart of Scarborough between the 401 and Eglinton, Victoria Park and Brimley, Ward 37 has sizeable Chinese, East Indian and Filipino populations. The ward is close to the city-wide averages on many statistical measures, such as immigration levels, single-parent families, and low-income families and individuals.