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Ward 24 - Willowdale

Councillor David Shiner

100 Queen Street West, Suite B39
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.395.6413 phone
416.397.9290 fax

David Shiner's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 3
Votes against the community position: 2

David Shiner was the budget chief in the last council and a faithful follower of the Lastman regime. In the 2000 election he received 88% of his donations from business and his voting record reflects this alliance. VoteToronto found that on key votes in the last council he supported the community position on only two occasions. Under the leadership of Mayor David Miller, Shiner will have little influence on council.

David Shiner is on the Toronto Transit Commission and the Toronto Hydro Corporation Board.

Located in the northwestern part of North York, Ward 24 has a large Chinese population, which makes up 30.9% of the ward's residents. The ward is dominated by homeowners rather than renters, and the average household income is relatively high, at $79,318 compared to a city-wide average of $69,125. However, somewhat surprisingly, the rate of low-income individuals in this ward is higher than the city-wide average, with 40.4% of unattached individuals classified as low-income.