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Key Vote: Lobbyist Transparency

A small minority of councillors voted against a binding lobbyist disclosure policy, which would force lobbyists to register with the City upon taking part in municipal business. The lobbyist registry would be modelled upon existing provincial and federal registries.

This policy could only enhance transparency and openness, and in so doing enhance democracy as well. A vote against the motion was a vote to continue to obscure the secret doings of lobbyists at City Hall. The natural explanation for why councillors would actually vote against more transparency is that they themselves have something to hide.

Vote Essentials:
That a binding lobbyist disclosure policy modelled on provincial and federal models be adopted

Voting AGAINST a Lobbyist Registry: 4
Lastman, Li Preti, Ootes, Tziretas

Voting FOR a Lobbyist Registry: 35
Altobello, Ashton, Balkissoon, Berardinetti, Bussin, Cho, Chow, Di Giorgio, Disero, Duguid, Feldman, Filion, Flint, Ford, Hall, Holyday, Jones, Korwin-Kuczynski, Layton, Lindsay Luby, Mihevc, Milczyn, Miller, Minnan-Wong, Moeser, Nunziata, Pantalone, Pitfield, Rae, Shaw, Shiner, Silva, Soknacki, Sutherland, Walker

Vote Date: February 2002

Vote Specifics: Notice of Motion J(2)

For more information, see the City Council Minutes. (PDF file opens in a new window.)