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Key Vote: Garbage Privatization

A few councillors chose to endorse a plan that would see the privatization of garbage collection, first in Scarborough, and then, presumably, throughout all of Toronto. This would mark the first step towards Toronto abandoning its responsibilities in favour of the private sector. In light of the extensive problems with the private OMG garbage bins scattered throughout the city where the OMG stopped making payments to the city after claiming damage to the bins the last thing needed is even more privatization.

Vote Essentials:
That the city staff consider contracting out garbage collection in Scarborough

Voting FOR privatization: 9
Di Giorgio, Duguid, Ford, Holyday, Li Preti, Milczyn, Minnan-Wong, Pitfield, Shiner

Voting AGAINST privatization: 30
Altobello, Ashton, Bussin, Cho, Chow, Disero, Feldman, Flint, Hall, Jones, Kelly, Korwin-Kuczynski, Lastman, Layton, Lindsay Luby, McConnell, Mihevc, Miller, Moeser, Moscoe, Nunziata, Ootes, Pantalone, Rae, Shaw, Silva, Soknacki, Sutherland, Tziretas, Walker

Vote Date: March 2002

Vote Specifics: Motion (b) to Capital Program: (E) Solid Waste Management

For more information, see the City Council Minutes. (PDF file opens in a new window.)