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Ward 43 - Scarborough East

Councillor David Soknacki

100 Queen Street West, Suite C52
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.4008 phone
416.392.4006 fax

David Soknacki's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 2
Votes against the community position: 3

David Soknacki’s voting record on the last council showed that he was firmly in the conservative, business wing camp. VoteToronto found that he voted with the community position on only two occasions. Despite this Soknacki is seen by David Miller and others on the left as a person they can work with. The reason for this respect is that in last year’s budget debate he was credited with hammering out amendments that saved some critical social programs. This achievement earned him one of the most cherished appointments on council as Chair of the powerful Budget Advisory Committee. Like Miller, Soknacki is committed to public consultations on the budget, which could prove to be the most important innovation of this new council.

David Soknacki is the Chair of the Budget Advisory Committee. He sits on the Policy and Finance Committee and the Striking Committee.

Located in East Scarborough, Ward 43 encompasses Morningside Park, Guildwood, West Hill, and a stretch of the waterfront. The average household income in the ward is $56,654, compared to a city-wide average of $69,125. 53.5% of unattached individuals have a low-income status, compared to a city-wide average of 37.6%.