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Ward 42 - Scarborough-Rouge River

Councillor Raymond Cho

100 Queen Street West, Suite B23
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.4076 phone
416.696.4159 fax

Raymond Cho's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 4
Votes against the community position: 1

On the last council Raymond Cho had a moderately progressive voting record. He supported the community position 8 out of 14 times. Cho is an independent. In 2000 he received 75% of his campaign donations from citizens and has an impressive grassroots base. Although he voted for the bridge to the Island Airport in 2002, he opposed privatization of electricity and water services. He is unlikely to be a leader on the new council but the strengthened progressive wing of the new council will influence him. Cho is running as an independent in the federal election.

Raymond Cho is the Chair of the Toronto East Community Council. He is also on the Community Services Committee.

Located in the northeastern corner of the city, Ward 42 encompasses Rouge Park and the Metro Toronto Zoo. The ward is home to large East Indian, Chinese, Filipino and Jamaican communities. 72% of residents live in houses rather than apartments, and 68.6% own rather than rent their homes. These are some of the highest proportions of homeowners in the city. Ward 42 is also one of the few suburban wards that voted for David Miller over John Tory in the mayoral race - 40% voted for Miller, while 29% chose Tory. However, the ward also had one of the lowest voter turnouts in the election, at 31%, compared to a city-wide average of 40%.