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Ward 3 - Etobicoke Centre

Councillor Doug Holyday

100 Queen Street West, Suite B29
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.4002 phone
416.392.4121 fax

Doug Holyday's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 2
Votes against the community position: 3

Holyday, a one time mayor of Etobicoke, is so well known he barely puts on a campaign and still wins by a huge majority. His conservative politics put him in a leadership role at council in the Lastman years. A penny-pinching councillor, he still voted against the MFP enquiry that uncovered the leasing scandal that cost the city millions of dollars. He was perhaps best known on the last council as the leader of the Union Station deal that delivered one of Toronto’s best known landmarks to a local developer. Since the election Holyday remains firmly in the right wing camp of the council and it is unlikely he will have little influence in the council led by David Miller.

Doug Holyday is the Vice-Chair of the Audit Committee and is on the Administration Committee.

Demographically, Ward 3 is one of the wealthier wards in the city, with an average household income of $75,920, compared to the city average of $69,125. The ward has one of the highest levels of home ownership - 70.6% of residents own their homes, versus a city-wide rate of 50.7%. A high proportion of the ward's residents are TTC riders; 38% use public transit to get to work.