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Ward 29 - Toronto-Danforth

Councillor Case Ootes

100 Queen Street West, Suite C45
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.4032 phone
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Case Ootes' Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 1
Votes against the community position: 4

Case Ootes was Mel Lastmanís leader on council during the last three years. He chaired most of the meetings because Lastman was not capable of handing them. Ootesí voting record tells the story. He only voted for the community positions three out of fourteen times. If the conservative wing of council mounts a serious opposition to David Miller it will be Ootes who engineers it. He is the only one of that group with the ability and prestige to pull this disparate group together and mount an effective opposition.

Case Ootes is on the Economic Development and Parks Committee, the Toronto Police Services Board and the Toronto Economic Development Corporation Board.

Located in East York north of the Danforth, Ward 29 is home to a sizeable Greek community. Residents are evenly divided between renters and owners, with slightly more residents living in houses than apartment buildings. The average household income in the ward is slightly lower than the city average, at $63,355, compared to the Toronto average of $69,125. Residents of ward 29 are also heavy users of the TTC; 35% of residents ride public transit to work, and 37% use public transit for non-work travel.