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Ward 28 - Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Councillor Pam McConnell

100 Queen Street West, Suite A7
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.7916 phone
416.392.7296 fax

Pam McConnell's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 4
Votes against the community position: 0
Absent/Abstained: 1

Pam McConnellís voting record in the last council consistently supported the community position. She is a very hard working councillor in a very active ward. Not only does she struggle with some of the greatest pockets of poverty in the city, but she constantly must balance the needs of her constituents with pressures of development, halfway houses and poverty. In the last election she supported Barbara Hall for Mayor and this angered many of the Miller supporters who traditionally supported her. This lost her votes but her strong record helped her to prevail in the election. After the election she was appointed to the Police Services Board and has become embroiled in a number of contentious issues. VoteToronto predicts that she will receive a bruising in this position but her high level of integrity will help her prevail.

Pam McConnell is on the Policy and Finance Committee and the Toronto Police Services Board.

Ward 28 covers the south-eastern part of downtown Toronto, including Cabbagetown, the Islands, and the Gooderham & Worts neighbourhood. With 76.2% of residents living in rented units, the ward has the highest proportion of tenants in the city. The ward also has the highest proportion of residents living in apartment buildings, at 86.4%.