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Ward 27 - Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Councillor Kyle Rae

100 Queen Street West, Suite A5
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.7903 phone
416.696.4300 fax

Kyle Rae's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 4
Votes against the community position: 1

Kyle Rae got a hefty 81% of his campaign donations from business in the 2000 election and yet he has an exemplary voting record. Rae is the only openly gay member of council and his presence and stature has played an important role in bringing the city’s gay community into the political mainstream. The ward that he represents has seen considerable development over the years and Kyle Rae plays an important role in bringing developers and community members together to resolve disputes. In fact the primary criticism that some make against him is that he is too close to the developers. Outside the work that he has done in the gay community, another of Rae's major projects is his advocacy for Dundas Square. The square is another contentious issue, as its critics argue that it is dominated by advertising and private interests, rather than being a public space for all to use.

Kyle Rae is the Chair of the Toronto South Community Council. He is on the Economic Development and Parks Committee, the Budget Advisory Committee and the Toronto Parking Authority.

This is an extremely diverse downtown ward, encompassing Rosedale, Church & Wellesley, St. Jamestown, Ryerson University, and the eastern parts of UofT. Consequently, the ward's demographic statistics are somewhat anomalous. The ward has one of the highest average household incomes in the city, at $104,877, and relatively few single-parent families or low-income residents. However, the ward also has a very high proportions of tenants, with 68% of residents renting their homes, and 85.6% living in apartment buildings.