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Ward 16 - Eglinton-Lawrence

Councillor Karen Stintz

100 Queen Street West, Suite B32
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.4090 phone
416.392.4129 fax

Karen Stintz's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 2
Votes against the community position: 3

One of the new councillors elected in 2003 was Karen Stintz, who defeated the longstanding incumbent, Anne Johnston. Johnston, a 30-year veteran of council dating from the days of the Stop Spadina movement, was attacked by community groups outraged by her support of the Minto development at Eglinton and Yonge Streets. The community groups advertised for someone to run against Johnston and Stintz, a young civil servant, responded. Once in the campaign it soon became apparent that Stintz would not be controlled by the community groups. She made an alliance with the John Tory campaign and rode that coalition to victory. There are now some indications that Stintz may occasionally be allied to the right wing rump in the new council. In her first test she voted with the old guard to build the bridge to the Island Airport in December 2003.

Karen Stintz is on the Planning and Transportation Committee, the Audit Committee, the Toronto Public Library Board and the Toronto Board of Health.

Located in Uptown Toronto, Ward 16 is home to the Yonge & Eglinton strip and parts of Forest Hill. This is one of the wealthiest wards in the city, with an average household income of $123,889, compared to a city-wide average of $69,125. The ward also has some of the lowest rates of immigrants, lone-parent and low-income families in the city.