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Ward 10 - York Centre

Councillor Michael Feldman (Deputy Mayor)

100 Queen Street West, Suite A22
Toronto M5H 2N2
416.392.1371 phone
416.392.7299 fax

Michael Feldman's Voting Record:

Votes supporting the community position: 3
Votes against the community position: 2

Michael Feldman is a member of the “old guard” in every sense of the word. In the 2000 election he received 89% of his donations from businesses, the second highest on council, and he delivered for them. He was one of the main supporters of the bridge to the Island Airport and followed the Lastman lead on almost every issue. VoteToronto found he had one of the worst voting records on council. Now Magazine called him a “total lackey for development interests.” Despite this record David Miller appointed him one of the Deputy Mayors. Only time will tell whether this was a clever move designed to head off the right wing on council or a disaster.

Michael Feldman is one of three Deputy Mayors. He is on the Economic Development and Parks Committee, the Toronto Economic Development Corporation Board and the Toronto Parking Authority.

Located between Dufferin, Bathurst, Steeles and the 401, Ward 10 is home to a significant portion of the Jewish community in Toronto, with 28.1% of residents reporting a Jewish background. The majority of residents (62.3%) live in apartment buildings, and 56% of residents rent their homes.