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Key Vote: St. Clair Streetcar Right-of-Way

Vote Essentials:
That a right-of-way lane be built for the St. Clair Avenue streetcar

Voting FOR the streetcar right-of-way: 36
Altobello, Ashton, Balkissoon, Bussin, Carroll, Cho, Chow, Cowbourne, Davis, De Baeremaeker, Del Grande, Feldman, Filion, Fletcher, Giambrone, Grimes, Hall, Jenkins, Kelly, Li Preti, Lindsay Luby, McConnell, Mihevc, Milczyn, Miller, Minnan-Wong, Moscoe, Pantalone, Pitfield, Rae, Saundercook, Shiner, Soknacki, Stintz, Thompson, Watson.

Voting AGAINST the streetcar right-of-way: 7
Di Giorgio, Holyday, Mammoliti, Nunziata, Ootes, Palacio, Walker.

Vote Date: September 29, 2004

Vote Specifics: Clause as amended, Policy and Finance Committee Report 7, Clause 1, headed “St. Clair Avenue West Transit Improvement Environmental Assessment – Yonge Street to Gunns Road (just West of Keele Street) (St. Paul’s, Davenport, York South-Weston)”.

For more information, see the City Council Minutes, pages 48 to 64. (PDF file opens in a new window.)