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About is an independent non-partisan website that helps voters make informed choices on candidates for all levels of public office within the City of Toronto by providing access to research on campaign financing, incumbents' performance and candidates' positions on issues relevant to Toronto voters. The analysis of the 2003 Municipal Election was widely covered in the media. The website was actively consulted by voters across Toronto during the campaign.

About the Candidate Survey

As a candidate for election to the 38th Parliament from the City of Toronto, you are cordially invited to participate in our Election 2004 Toronto Candidate Survey.

The survey is in four parts:
a) about you, your campaign, and campaign events where voters can meet you
b) your community involvement and endorsements
c) the top three election issues in your riding, in Toronto, and in Canada
d) your position on selected Toronto issues.

A PDF version of the survey is available here: VoteToronto Candidate Survey PDF

We will publish your responses as they are received and confirmed. The survey close date is Thursday June 17, 2004. We will publish assesments of the candidates for the 22 Toronto ridings prior to the advance polls.

Login Instructions

Candidates will receive an e-mail containing their login name and password to log on to the online questionnaire. It is not necessary to complete the survey at one sitting. Press the save button following each group of questions to ensure that your responses are saved. When you return to the page your previous answers will be displayed.

Confirming Your Responses

When part 4 is completed an email will be returned to you with your entire response. That email will contain a link to a page to confirm your responses. We will not publish your answers without a confirmation. This procedure will permit you to edit the survey at your convenience and provide a security validation of your information.

If you have any problems logging on to the survey, please e-mail and we will contact you promptly.

Campaign literature may also be sent to

We wish you every success in your campaign and thank you in advance for completing our survey.

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