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Scarborough-Agincourt - 2000 Donations

Summary Data for the Electoral District 2000 General Election from

The following pie chart shows the summary of campaign contributions reported by candidates to Elections Canada for the 2000 General Election Campaign. The data includes monetary contributions, non-monetary contributions and loans. synopsis of Contributions to Candidate and Riding Associations in the 2000 Election Year

The following table provides a summary of contributions to each candidate in this riding in the 2000 federal election.

There are four types of contributors: Associations; Corporations; Individuals; and Union.

Contributions Via Riding are those made to a riding association; Contributions In-Kind is a monetary value of a service provided to the candidate or riding association; Contributions Via Trust are contributions made to a trust fund which the candidate has established; Contributions Via Loan is a loan made to a candidate.

This data is a consolidation of parts 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 of the Candidate returns made by each Candidate to Elections Canada.

prty_nme last_nme contrib_source Total
Liberal Karygiannis Associations $44,832
    Associations via Riding $37,800
    Corporate $22,328
    Individual $31,861
Liberal Total     $136,821
Progressive Conservative Elliott Associations $10,000
    Corporate $250
    Individual $3,955
Progressive Conservative Total   $14,205
Canadian Alliance Faust Associations $9,500
    Corporate $300
    Individual $3,766
Canadian Alliance Total     $13,566
N.D.P. Laxer Individual $1,800
    Union $1,000
N.D.P. Total     $2,800
Canadian Action Cook Individual $4,600
Canadian Action Total     $4,600
    $171,992 Detail of Election 2000 Contributions

The following table lists the details of contributors to candidates and Riding Associations for the 2000 General Election year in amounts over $200. Details are listed by political party and classified by type of contributor and listed by postal code where available.

prty_nme pstl_cde contrb_n amount
Canadian Alliance M1W2X2 Scarborough Agincourt Riding Alliance Party $9,500
  L4C3J2 MZA Carpet & Janitorial $300
  M1T1Y8 Guenthier Jordan $300
  M1T2Y3 Daniel Platonov $1,504
  M1W1K6 John Hancock $282
  M1W2X2 David Sills $500
    Jacqueline Sparks $500
  M1W3K2 Larry Squire $230
  M823Y7 Ian Cook $450
Canadian Alliance Total


Liberal   Federal Liberal Party $4,832
  M1N3Z1 Scarborough Agincourt Federal Liberal Association $40,000
    Other $23,750
  L4N5R7 Shahid Hashmi $600
  M1G3T4 C. Senthilatham $480
  M1P2P4 Lincare Ltd. $6,000
  M1W3J1 Angelo Bellis $360
  M2N2J3 Sing Jim Loo $600
  M9A4Z1 1160665 Ontario Inc. $5,000
  M9V1P7 Harbhajan Singh $760
  P9N1T1 Plaza Restaurant $250
    Business under $ 200 $628
    Bydixen Holdings Inc $11,760
    Videsh Investments Limited $300
  L3R0E7 Everything for a Dollar Store (Canada) Inc. $600
  L3R0H7 Associated Professional Cleaning Services $1,200
  M1T3K5 G  & G Management $600
  M1T3T6 Energy Network Services $600
  M1V2T6 Raathika Trade $600
  M1V4V5 Toronto Decorating Corporation $600
  M1V5C4 M&M Twins $600
  M3M3G3 Universal Workers Union Local 183 $1,500
  M4M2S1 Simian Communications $240
  M5H1S3 Soulpropietor Inc. $600
  M6A3B6 Advanced Trichological Services $1,500
  M9V3Y1 SK Manpower Ltd. $1,000
    Individuals under $ 200 $7,302
  L3K8J4 Spiridoula Skretas $250
  L3R4C1 Grace Sy, c/o Abtron Canada $1,000
    Jeffren Sy, c/o Abtron Canada $1,000
    Ken Sy, c/o Abtron Canada $1,000
    Shirley Wong, c/o Abtron Canada $1,000
  L3R4J7 G. Menegakis $1,000
  L3R6Z5 Linda Elmasri $600
  L3R9X3 Aaron Aitoro $500
    Carla Aitoro $500
    Marcel Aitoro $500
    Michelle Aitoro $500
  L3S3E7 Arshad Usmani $600
  L4B2M3 Ashfaq Hussain Zaidi $820
  L4B2T4 Syed Kazmi $240
  L4S2S7 Peyan Mehbrahy $1,189
  L6T4Y8 H. John Kalina $500
  M1B1J3 Virginie Misakha $600
  M1B4M2 Anita Sharma $500
  M1J1K9 Mohammand Shaiq $240
  M1K2W3 Lisa Chen $1,000
  M1P4N9 Houssen Dabbous $600
  M1P4S9  Hirak Dani $500
  M1S1S6 Tony Luk $600
  M1T2Y1 Anthony Mavromaras $500
  M1V1M3 Cheng Xie $600
    Feng Tse $800
    Mei Ming Xue $1,000
    Shao He Wu $600
  M1W2W6 Amir Aziz $600
  M1W3A3 Demetre Solakie $600
  M1W3E4 Apostolus Kozis $300
    N. Thassopoulus $120
  M1W3J1 Peter Sotiria Natsias $500
  M1W3T6 Michel Elias Habbaki $500
  M2N3B3 Easesh Thakkar $1,200
  M4S2P5 Samir Al Hindi $600
  M6B1Z6 Jose Ramon Gutierrez $1,000
  M9V1P7 Habarshan Singh $400
Liberal Total     $136,821
N.D.P.   Name Not Required $1,250
  M1S3S6 CAW Local 303 $1,000
N.D.P. Total     $2,800
 GRAND TOTAL     $153,188